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The Difference Custom Made Orthotics Can Make

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Asphalt Clouds Endurance 421160Custom Made Orthotics are medical devices that are used for variety of health concerns ranging from foot and ankle problems to knee’s and back issues. They’re also used to help stabilize osteoarthritic joint(s), offloading joint deformity and can also worn for everyday activity, regardless of age.

With populations aging, the number of people who utilize orthotics has grown significantly in the past 3-decades. Projections indicate 7.3 million people in the United States will utilize orthoses to combat the effects of paralysis, deformity and orthopedic impairments by 2020.

Despite the advancement of technology and manufacturing methods, custom orthotics manufacturing hasn’t drastically changed since the 1950’s. The preferred method for North American Podiatrists & Chiropodists is vacuum-forming plastic over a positive foot. A little bit of an out-dated manufacturing method, where it doesn’t take into account the design of the device and the materials used; which in turn, limits its functional capabilities.

“FitStation”, which is powered by HP, utilizes specialized hardware and software components to capture an individual’s unique 3D foot scan, dynamic gait and pressure data. This data is automatically analyzed to provide manufacturing instructions for 3D printed custom foot orthotics. It’s the world’s first end-to-end solution, which provides individual off-the-shelf shoe and insole recommendations, 3D printed insoles and individualized custom footwear.Fitstation Foot Scanner Front Abk9i6

The designs are lightweight and comfortable which help correct the biomechanical problems that lead to pain and discomfort. Different parts of the foot require different levels of support and flexibility. What 3D printing allows, is the lattice-framework to be adjusted without increasing the thickness of the custom orthotics.

For those who understand the pain associated with a generic “off-the-shelf orthotic insole”, custom 3D-orthotics are the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Book your free consultation at Pro Motion Healthcare TODAY to get your custom 3D-orthotics, and say good-bye to foot pain.

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