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How You Can Prevent Bunions

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Bunions can be incredibly unattractive and most certainly painful, but we all need to use our feet. How can we prevent bunions from occurring, instead of learning how to treat and deal with them?

What Are Bunions?

When you were younger, you may have heard the adults talking about bunions, and you always thought it was an “old person” thing; however, it has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with footwear and how you walk.

When the big toe pushes against the toe next to it, it creates a bunion, a type of bone deformity. A bunion may be more prominent in those with arthritis. Unfortunately, some people may have to deal with their bunions surgically, but you can prevent them from even happening in the first place.

Those that have bunions forming may be dealing with stiffness and pain in that area before the bunion is fully formed. If this happens, contact a professional to diagnose and figure out your game plan beforehand. In doing so, you can prevent surgery and further pain.

The Cause of Bunions

Unfortunately, many people have a hereditary issue called overpronation that causes excessive bunions no matter what these people do. When someone stands or walks a certain way, the feet become “rolled” inward towards the joint in the big toe. When this happens, the joint deforms and causes a bunion.

It’s been said that this happens more in women, not because of hereditary issues, but because of the footwear choice. High-heels are a huge cause of bunions, so while you can look amazing and have sleek-appearing legs, your feet won’t be as attractive when you take them off.

Our bodies are meant to walk flat because of the distribution of weight, so when someone wears heels, the weight isn’t distributed nearly as even enough, and the pressure gets put on the big toe area. Unfortunately, you can also get bunions when you wear something like flats and flip flops due to a lack of support. The smaller version of a bunion is less-severe and noted as a “bunionette”.

Preventing bunions:

It’s never ever too late to begin your journey in a bunion-free lifestyle, and you can do so by following these tips:

  • Contacting a local podiatrist to diagnose and steer you in the proper direction
  • Wear lower heels or none at all – add more supportive footwear
  • Always walk and commute in your comfiest, most supportive pair of shoes
  • Look into custom orthotics – no matter your age. Don’t be vain and sacrifice future comfort (or forever comfort) to look good temporarily. Custom orthotics doesn’t mean unattractive, always, either!
  • Minimize the pain through application of bunion cushions, reducing inflammation with ice packs, minimally invasive bunion surgery, and more
  • Switching up your exercise and don’t always run constantly, as it can put pressure on those joints day in and out – causing bunions

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