Improving Golf Performance Orthotic Support

Improving Your Golf Performance Using Orthotic Support

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Golfing is a sport for all ages, races, and background, but one thing that brings everyone together is the need for effective ways of improving

Custom Made Golf Orthotics

performance through improved balance. There have been studies done how orthotic intervention has affected more experienced golfers and the results

show there is a clear relation linking the changes in standing balance, exercise, and proprioception.

Custom made orthotics that are made for user has shown positive results when used and have also helped to reduce the fatigue that comes from playing several holes of golf in a simulated environment.

Another study took a look at how orthotic intervention affects club head velocity. This study showed that with the support of orthotic insoles  there was a 7% increase in performance while the fatigue associated with the 9 holes of play was eliminated.

Our patients here at Pro Motion Healthcare will benefit most from custom-made golf orthotics by following the steps listed below.

Make a stabilized foundation

It’s important to make the foundation stable before you do anything else. This can easily be accomplished with custom-made orthotics. It helps with both the structure and the function in the end product. If there is a lack of balance in the structure, then, of course, there will be an adverse effect on the muscle system, which prevents the muscles from performing at their peak. Custom made functional orthotics help to stabilize the foot bones and support muscle function in the lower legs.

Reinforce the lumbar extensor muscles

When it comes to stabilizing the lower back, the most critical group of muscles is the extensor group. In most golfers, this group of muscles is lacking which leads to a stance that adds stress to this muscle group. Being in a constant state of a half bend also distorts the posture, further weakening the muscles in this group. One way to strengthen this area is by executing a series of surgical tubing stretching exercises to add strength to the lumbar extensors. The number of reps can be increased as the golfer gets stronger.

Bolstering the mid-back region

Along with the lower back muscles, the mid back is also well known for being weak in terms of strength. The infraspinatus, teres minor, mid-trapezius, and rhomboids are infamously frail in the whole population, but it happens to affect golfers more often due to the nature of the sport. One way to strengthen this area is by executing a series of surgical tubing stretching exercises just like with the lower back muscles, but these are aimed at the upper and mid torso.

By using these suggestions from Pro Motion Healthcare, you can expect to see changes in your golf game in a relatively short time. Mostly within two weeks if these are done daily. Your swings will become more controlled and smooth, and you will also notice that your distance has improved overall.  For more tips and advice, get in touch today at 705-315-0111 for more information.

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