We offer Bunion Therapy that works

Bunion Therapy

Thousands of people in Barrie and Surrounding Areas suffer from Bunion Pain and discomfort. At Pro Motion Healthcare we offer solutions that can prevent surgery, pain and further progression of bunions. Our skilled therapist will assess and advise on the best possible solution.

If you Answer YES to One of the Question, Bunion Therapy is right for you

  • Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in one or both of your big toes?
  • Does the pain STOPS you from being active and walking?
  • Do you have relatives that have BUNIONS and had pain or surgery?
  • You are having a hard time finding shoes that fit?
  • You tried custom orthotics but they don’t work?


We will insure that all expectations are met. From assessment to treatment, booking to billing, intake to discharge, your experience with Pro Motion Healthcare is our top priority.
We are open 6 days a week to accommodate your schedule. If we can’t schedule you within our working hours, we will make an effort to see you outside our regular hours.
We offer the latest and best technology available for physiotherapy at no extra cost to you. This includes: Shock Wave, TENS, Ultrasound, Cold Laser and more
We spend time assessing and educating you about your condition. Not to mention that we are always available over the phone to answer any questions you might have

How We Can Help You

  • One on One Free Consultation with Pedorthist (orthotics & shoe specialist) to assess your Bunions
  • Custom Made 3D Printed Orthotics that could offer relieve and support for bunions.
  • Custom molded toe separators that are made just for you unlike the ones you purchase off the shelf
  • Large Selection of footwear that can eliviate pain and relieve pressure off Buions
  • Uniqie 24 hour Bunion Kit that has been proven to stop progression
  • Bunion Centered Physiotherapy and other modalities for pain and post -operative solutions

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