Wide Selection of Compression Socks in Barrie

Compression Socks

You no longer need to be the victim of swollen ankles, varicose veins or poor style. We offer the largest selection of compression socks in Barrie. With hundreds of styles and colours to choose from, we are confident that we’ll find what you need.

Your heart constantly pumps blood through your arteries. These vessels act like a hose, carrying blood at high pressure to your entire body and providing cells with oxygen and other necessities.

This, of course, includes the arteries and vessels in your legs, as well. Unfortunately, getting blood, lymph, and other fluids out of your lower limbs is a bit more difficult.

Your veins and lymphatic system are not pressurized, meaning they have to work against gravity to move fluid back up your legs. Your calf and leg muscle usually do this, but they don’t always work efficiently enough to prevent blood from pooling in the feet, causing that dreaded ‘heavy leg’ feeling.

Compression Socks assist in circulation by helping push blood and fluids out of your legs. They create a ‘pressure gradient’ by fitting snugly around the ankle and tapering off in pressure towards the top of the sock. This creates better venous pressure, and prevents swelling and increased fatigue after a long day of work or activity.



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Compression Socks Tips

  • For Travel, we recommend 15-20mmHg compression socks.
  • Never go to sleep while wearing socks
  • Consult your doctor before purchasing a pair.
  • Make sure you get measured for medical-grade compression socks for 20-30mmHg and Up.

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