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It can get difficult to choose the proper knee brace with so many different styles & manufacturers to choose from. Therefore, with the expertise of our staff, we will select, measure and fit you for a knee brace that suits your exact lifestyle.

At the end of the day, there isn’t one solution that works for everyone. We pride ourselves on our customer service and each client will get a thorough consultation. This will help us to achieve the best possible outcome. You won’t be disappointed!


Anterior or Posterior Cruciate Ligament injuries (ACL & PCL) can leave you feeling vulnerable and overly cautious. A custom ligament (ACL, PCL, and MCL) knee brace is a useful tool to have pre-operatively. It is a functional, rigid frame knee brace that provides stability to the knee for activities of daily living, lower impact sports and particularly in rotational movements. It can be worn to support the knee and limit the risk of instability episodes leading up to surgery. These braces can be worn for extended periods of time after surgery for prevention as you ease back into full activity.

ACL sprains, PCL injuries, MCL injuries, LCL injuries

Our Recommendations

  • SecuTec Genu
  • DonJoy
  • DonJoy Defience
  • Ossure Functional Healing


An unloader knee brace is one of several types of knee braces that can be used to provide stability, support, and pain relief if you have knee osteoarthritis affecting primarily only one side of your knee joint. This kind of knee brace is designed to reduce the bone on bone pain by transferring the pressure within the knee, “unloading” one side of the joint to the other. In other words, an unloader knee brace does exactly what its name suggests—it shifts the stress from the affected side of the joint to the healthier side of the joint.

Using an unloader knee brace may provide you with enough comfort to improve your mobility and diminish your pain while at rest. It does not cure or reverse osteoarthritis or any other disease of the joints.

Knee Osteoarthritis, Meniscus Injuries/Tears

Our Recommendations

  • Don Joy DeFiance
  • SecuTec Genu


At Pro Motion Healthcare we offer a wide selection of off-the-shelf braces and therapeutic products for your aches, pains, and injuries. These braces will help you immobilize, protect, unload and/or support the injured tissues in order to facilitate the healing process.

  • Patella malalignments/subluxations
  • Patellar Femoral Pain Synrome
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Minor instabilities
  • Arthritis
  • Patella Femoral Arthritis
  • Chondromalacia patellae
  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Our Recommendations

  • Genu Train
  • Genu Train A3
  • DONJOY Web
  • DONJOY Playmaker

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