Large Selection of Orthopedic, Diabetic & Orthotic Friendly Footwear

Orthopedic Shoes Barrie

At Pro Motion Healthcare our large selection of orthopedic footwear can accommodate just about any wearer, from diabetics seeking therapeutic shoes with extra depth to athletes looking for walking and running shoes with arch support and heel stabilisation as well as hard to find sizes not available in regular retail stores

Whether you have a leg length discrepancy or plantar fasciitis, orthopedic shoes are designed to enhance your overall comfort. For people dealing with lower limb injuries or conditions of the foot, your current footwear may be doing more harm than good. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your shoes tend to wear out in the exact same way. Whatever your concern, we have solutions that can help.

Stop suffering from heel pain! Our staff in Pro Motion Healthcare can help you select the proper footwear to deal with any foot difficulties you may be experiencing. Not only are today’s orthopedic shoes comfortable and functional, but they come in a variety of attractive styles for people of all ages. Improve blood flow and support your arches in a better way, your feet will thank you.


We will insure that all expectations are met. From assessment to treatment, booking to billing, intake to discharge, your experience with Pro Motion Healthcare is our top priority.
We are open 6 days a week to accommodate your schedule. If we can’t schedule you within our working hours, we will make an effort to see you outside our regular hours.
We offer the latest and best technology available for physiotherapy at no extra cost to you. This includes: Shock Wave, TENS, Ultrasound, Cold Laser and more
We spend time assessing and educating you about your condition. Not to mention that we are always available over the phone to answer any questions you might have

Is Orthopedic Footwear right for you?

If you answer yes to any of the following, then the Orthopedic Shoes Prmay be the solution you need:

  • Cant find the right size? Extra small or extra big?
  • Most of the shoes you tried are to narrow?
  • You have orthotics but cant find the shoe that fits?
  • You have buions and dont know where to buy a proper shoe?
  • Looking for someone who can evaluat your needs and select a porper shoe but dont know where to go?
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