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Are you frustrated because you aren’t getting better?

You are on a drug that you don’t feel comfortable taking, has side effects, or worse, doesn’t even manage your symptoms or help you get better?

Imagine seeing a doctor for one hour, discussing your issues, order labs, getting a full physical exam and coming up with a treatment plan. At Pro Motion Healthcare our Naturopath, Dr. Mikhailau has over 12 years of experience in general and women’s health. Dr. Mikhailau creates a treatment plan after the first visit, therefore getting you better faster.

The initial visit, where you and Dr. Mikhailau go over your entire health history and your lifestyle, is typically one hour long. You discuss medical history, diet, water intake, sleep, bowel movements, activity and movement, and how you are handling stress in your life. Dr. Mikhailau will listen to your story.

Then the visit will shift to identifying your health goals and creating a list of recommendations to get you there. With Dr. Mikhailau’s guidance and expertise as a medical doctor from Europe, you will partner together to create a plan and individualized system to meet you where you are at and move you forward on your healing journey. You will go over diet changes, lifestyle tips, creating new thoughts, herbs/tinctures, homeopathy, and supplements.

The follow-up visits are about a half an hour long and scheduled one to two weeks later. A month is long enough to employ the recommendations and start seeing some results.

Here is a list of some of the conditions Dr. Miklailau has worked with:

  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Chronic Fatigue (and adrenal fatigue)
  • Food Intolerance and Allergies
  • Digestive issues (GERD, leaky gut, SIBO, etc.)
  • Autoimmune Disease (Lupus, rheumatoid, scleroderma, etc. )
  • Women’s Health (fertility, fibroids, menopause, etc)
  • Skin Conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.)
  • Heart Disease ( High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol)
  • Diabetes


We will insure that all expectations are met. From assessment to treatment, booking to billing, intake to discharge, your experience with Pro Motion Healthcare is our top priority.
We are open 6 days a week to accommodate your schedule. If we can’t schedule you within our working hours, we will make an effort to see you outside our regular hours.
With over 12 years of experience in healthcare as MD(Europe), Dr. MIkhailau brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his patients. Bridging the gap between western and alternative therapy.
We spend time assessing, fitting and educating you about your condition. Not to mention that we are always available over the phone to answer any questions you might have.

What is Naturopathy?

Although the term “traditional naturopathy” originated in the late 19th Century, the art can be traced back through Germany into Greece, to Hippocrates himself, and even beyond. There have always been people who understood that healing will occur naturally in the human body, if it is given what it truly needs, that is proper diet, pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and rest. For these people, the emphasis has not been on finding a disease and killing it, but rather on helping the body establish its own state of good health. Today, these people are known as traditional naturopaths or naturopathic consultants.

While traditional naturopaths recognize that allopathic health care is, at times, necessary, they understand that many accepted allopathic treatments may be harmful or ineffective in promoting health. Allopathic philosophy holds that disease is caused by external agents. According to this philosophy, a cure will result when offending agents are eliminated. In addition, the allopathic approach also tends to look at the symptom and the disease as one and the same, so that when the symptom has been eliminated, it is presumed that the disease is cured. The naturopath, however, sees a symptom as nothing more than a signal that something is wrong. According to naturopathic belief, when a symptom alone is eliminated, it is most likely being suppressed. Unless the original cause has also been eliminated, the symptom may return later in a chronic form.

Naturopaths Do

The origin of “education” was celebrated in the Latin phrase docendo discimus: “by teaching we learn.” In teaching clients how to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle, traditional naturopaths follow these principles:.

Do no harm

Primum non nocere is part of the Hippocratic oath. naturopaths do not use harmful, artificial substances such as drugs and pharmaceuticals; nor do they use invasive and dangerous procedures, such as surgery.

Recognize the healing power of nature

Naturopaths understand the body's innate capacity for self-healing. They educate clients in creating external and internal environments conducive to healing.

Naturopathic Remedies That Work In Harmony With You

Naturopathic remedies are a reliance on natural remedies that work in conjunction with body's own natural ability to cure and heal itself. Instead of focusing on the symptoms of a disease, the way that the medical profession will often do, naturopathy focuses on the cause of the condition. In this way, the disease is seen as the body indicating that all is not well within the harmonious balance of the body and so some work must be done to rectify this.

The first step for a naturopath is to do a full and complete body physical followed by a detailed look at the lifestyle of the patient. They will also conduct tests for allergies and look closely at the diet and the choices that the patient makes regarding food and exercise.

The conditions that can be cured and managed using naturopathic remedies are as wide and varied as though that can be cured and managed using medicines from a traditional medical professional. These conditions range from colds and touches of flu, through to pre-menstrual tension, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, mental conditions, acne and hypertension to name but a few.

Once you believe that the body does have the ability to heal and repair itself, then what must be done is for the body to be given the correct environment in which to do so. Therefore the basis of all good naturopathic remedies is founded on the belief that what goes into the body is important. Never was the saying "you are what you eat!" truer than in naturopathic healing.

Wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables, backed up with the right balance of minerals and nutrients for each individual will undoubtedly help the body to heal and recondition. Processed and fatty foods should always be avoided as these types of foods have ingredients and additives that have been altered by man and these will disrupt the body's natural processes and throw it out of harmony. Avoid also processed sugars, salts and stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and nicotine.

Without a doubt, perhaps one of the best known naturopathic remedies is acupuncture. Acupuncture has always been popular throughout the world and still today, the interest and use of this ancient Chinese treatment continue to grow. This is no surprise since the principles that underline acupuncture are based on the philosophy that our bodies work better when the energy within us can flow naturally and correctly. When our energy pathways become blocked, we become ill. Acupuncture works by clearing these energy pathways and so helps us to heal.

Above all these remedies are based on the specific needs and conditions of each individual. That means they can often produce a much more beneficial healing result than the more conventional medicines.

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