Orthotics and the Dreaded ACL Tear

Football players – and many other athletes – live in fear of tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in their knees. It can be a career-crushing injury.  They worry so much about this injury that many football players wear an orthotic knee brace that has a knee hinge even if they have no injury. Visit this link for more information.

Prophylactic Orthotics

Wearing a knee brace in the belief that it will prevent an injury is called a prophylactic use of the orthotic.  Unfortunately, experience shows that wearing this orthotic does not reduce the number of ACL tears, but it might help in reducing medial and lateral collateral ligament tears. Read about Spinal Orthotics here.

Pro Motion Healthcare Physiotherapy Orthotics M1 CID 6 Orthotics and the Dreaded ACL Tear

Functional Orthotics

On the other hand, when a patient already has a knee injury and needs the knee to be supported so that they can recover, this is called a functional brace or orthotic.  In this case, the orthotic keeps the knee from rotating and keeps the patient stable.  This kind of orthotic also can ease the pain of arthritis. 

Rehab Orthotics

After injury or surgery, it is important to limit knee movement in both the medial – midline – direction and in the lateral – sideways – direction.  Sometimes this kind of orthotic has a built-in stop to keep the knee more immobile so it can heal.