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Extended Health Benefits

Reaching out to as many people as possible is our passion. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a Direct Billing Program to most extended health plans. Please keep in mind that every Extended Healthcare Benefit Plan is unique. Certain policies may not allow for direct billing and require the patient to submit each appointment receipt themselves. We encourage all our patients to call and check with their Extended Healthcare Provider to ensure that they are eligible for direct billing.

We gladly accept the insurance plans listed below for most treatment types:

We continue to direct bill Medavie Blue Cross for our Veterans, and our RCMP members. Thank you for your service to our community.

If you have a company that has the capability of allowing us to direct bill, but you don’t see it on our list, please inquire and we’ll do our best to add it.

How does the Direct Billing program work for Extended Health Benefits?

In order to serve you best and ensure that we have all the information needed to submit to your insurance and track it on your behalf, we ask that you give us your insurance policy information by filling out our Intake form. We ask that we receive your information a day prior to your appointment to create your profile. This will make the process seamless and will minimize waiting at the desk during set-up

Once we have your profile set up with your insurance information, we will be able to Direct Bill to your insurance company. Please keep in mind that every insurance plan is different so there may or may not be a co-payment or a deductible. The Payment portal will give us the exact amount that the insurance company will pay and you are responsible for whatever amounts are not paid by the insurance company at the time of treatment. Unfortunately, we are not able to check your coverage, only you can call your insurance company to get information about your plan.

If for some reason, the insurance portal is down on the day that you have your appointment, we will bill you the full amount and depending on the reason for the outage, either submit for you to be reimbursed directly or ask that you submit to the company when their payment portal is back on-line. Please ask if you are unsure how to submit on your own; it’s usually very easy so no need to worry.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee direct billing at every appointment. This can be due to issues with individual insurance plans, problems with the submission portal, or clinic administration considerations. There are certain days of the week and/or times of the day that some insurance companies have their portal closed eg. Great-West Life is closed after 7 pm (Pacific time) and closed on Sunday. Please check with your insurance company.

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