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Can Custom Orthotics Treat Lower Back Pain and Sciatica?

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Custom orthotics have been proven effective in treating a variety of conditions, and lower back pain and sciatica are no exception. Over time, foot and ankle dysfunction can lead to misalignment, and irregular gait, which may result in lower back pain.

Custom orthotics are commonly prescribed to realign feet and ankles by correcting abnormal gait.

Lower Back Pain vs Sciatica

Lower back pain is a broad term used to describe pain that could have originated from a wide variety of reasons. Sciatica is used to describe a specific type of back pain, easily identified by its symptoms.   

Lower Back Pain

custom orthotics for lower back pain

Lower back pain affects the lumbar region or area of the spine that starts just below the back of the ribcage. Lower back pain can be chronic or acute and may be felt across the entire area, or in a specific location. The intensity and onset of the pain vary from person to person and can present as dull,  sharp, or stabbing pain.


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Sciatica occurs when a herniated disc presses against part of a nerve, or when the discs used to cushion the lower back begin to wear down. People suffering from sciatica will experience tingling, weakness or numbness. 

This pain originates from one side of the lower back, and travels down the large sciatic nerve to the back of the leg. 

In some cases, the pain may travel all the way down to the foot. 

How Do Custom Orthotics Treat Lower Back Pain and Sciatica?

At ProMotion Healthcare in Barrie, our custom 3D orthotics are specifically designed with your needs, and biomechanics in mind. They relieve lower back and sciatic pain as well as optimize the performance of your entire body. 

Custom orthotics provide comfort and support that is impossible to find with prefabricated orthotics. 

Custom foot orthotics are a great cost-effective alternative to surgery. They alleviate lower back and sciatic pain by evenly distributing weight, and correcting biomechanical imbalances. This reduces the amount of strain placed on overworked, lower back muscles.

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Correcting the movement and positioning of your feet improves overall posture and alignment. Custom orthotics also reduce the amount of impact on joints while walking, running, or jumping by cushioning your heels. This reduces the amount of force transferred up the leg and to your lower back. 

Want more information about our custom 3D orthotics? Contact ProMotion Healthcare today and schedule your comprehensive assessment!

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