December 31, 2018
3D Printed Orthotics Barrie

Custom Orthotics: New Technology That Offers Superior Orthotics

Since the birth of orthotics in the 20th century, body support solutions have evolved every single year to another level. In the 1950’s manual manufacturing was the primary go-to solution for foot support. Sixty-eight years later, Custom 3D Printed Orthotics is a new technology that our clinic in Barrie, Ontario […]
December 7, 2018

Orthotics for Christmas

At our clinic in Barrie, we revolutionized the orthotic game across Canada by offering the first ever 3D Printed Custom Orthotics in the country. The inserts are made possible by HP Inc.’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer which has biocompatible nylon printing powder and lattice design which brings comfort to […]
November 29, 2018
hip pain Custom 3D Orthotics for Lower Back Pain

Custom 3D Orthotics for Lower Back Pain

Your back is like a building’s structure and it needs to be properly supported in order to be erect and function. Without that support, pain comes into play. Custom 3D Orthotics are a revolutionary orthotic that will help suppress lower back pain and correct posture. There’s a theory called “Foot […]
November 16, 2018
Fitstation Foot Scanner Front Abk9i6

3D Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet

Flat Feet also known as, “Fallen Arches”, is one of the most prevalent foot conditions. The main cause is a very low or non-existent arch in the foot. Most people who suffer from flat foot condition are asymptomatic. They feel no pain and are able to enjoy normal foot and […]
November 5, 2018
Shin Splints 1024x682


Custom orthotics are designed to reduce the amount of pressure that is distributed to the legs and feet while being physically active. By limiting leg muscles rubbing against the tibia( leg bone) we can reduce inflammation and future occurrence of shin splints. What Are Shin Splints? Shin splints, or “medial […]
October 23, 2018
Keeping Feet Healthy Cycling

Orthotics for Athletes

Orthotics can help improve your athletic performance. Whether you’re a recreational or high-level athlete, adding custom made orthotics to your routine can really up your game! In fact, there are very few active adults and children who would not benefit from custom made orthotics. ORTHOTICS: THE BASICS Orthotics relieve pain […]
October 5, 2018
Sj Baren 714652 Unsplash

The Difference Custom Made Orthotics Can Make

Custom Made Orthotics are medical devices that are used for variety of health concerns ranging from foot and ankle problems to knee’s and back issues. They’re also used to help stabilize osteoarthritic joint(s), offloading joint deformity and can also worn for everyday activity, regardless of age. With populations aging, the […]
September 17, 2018
Keeping Feet Healthy Cycling

Keeping Your Feet Healthy While Cycling

Cycling is a great way to get a cardiovascular workout and it can be done alone or with a group of friends. Cycling is also good for the body as is reduces the amount of force used on the joints of the lower extremities. It will also give you a chance […]
August 27, 2018
Improving Golf Performance Orthotic Support

Improving Your Golf Performance Using Orthotic Support

Golfing is a sport for all ages, races, and background, but one thing that brings everyone together is the need for effective ways of improving performance through improved balance. There have been studies done how orthotic intervention has affected more experienced golfers and the results show there is a clear […]
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