Waking Up Terrible Back Pain

Waking Up with Terrible Back Pain

If you ever woke up with back pain, it can be very worrisome. Simply getting up to get out of bed can hurt greatly, even trying to tie your shoes can be difficult. With all of this pain, it is only normal to begin to wonder if it will be like that every time you wake up.

When Having Back Pain Do Not Panic

One important thing to note when you are having back pain is that it is not always a clear sign of something serious. It is good to talk to your doctor regardless, but for the most part, the back pain should resolve by itself if the problem is treated correctly. Try not to panic because anxiety can make pain seem a lot worse than when it is following with stress.Try to remain calm and understand the pain is more than likely temporary.

Take Your Time

Upon first waking up the back pain can be very intense, but as you slowly move around the pain will start to become less intense. There are exercises that can help cope with this pain that a physiotherapist can teach you. A physiotherapist can help you return to feeling normal and get the movement back in your spine. However, while waiting to see a doctor you can take a fast walk on a flat surface. This may hurt a little bit, but in the end it can help relieve a great amount of pain. This can be done every 20 minutes after sitting.

Some Things That Need to Be Avoided

When the back pain first begins things can seem very uneasy, but you can ease your mind by knowing that your spine is actually doing a lot more than you think. Some things should be avoided to prevent the pain from getting worse.

  • Do not sit longer than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. If sitting in a chair, use one that supports the back and arms well.
  • Do not lift heavy items. You should take time away from lifting heavy items, but if you have to move something hold it close to your body when carrying it.
  • Do not stay in bed for long periods of time. Make sure you get your rest, but other than that it is best to get out of the bed. As tempting as it is to avoid the pain make sure to get out of bed.

Some Tips to Help with the Pain

Here are some tips that can help with back pain.

  • Be easy on your body.
  • Use other limbs to bear the weight such as using your arms to rise.
  • Heat for pain.
  • Lumbar supports help greatly.

A Call to the Physiotherapist

It is no wonder why most doctors refer to physiotherapist as a first line of help. Physiotherapist are able to perform complete assessment and create appropriate treatment plan. With large variety of tools at their disposal like cold laser, ultrasound, shock wave etc they are able to tackle most complex issue. Most importantly providing you with skills and techniques to prevent back pain in the future.

It is important to call a physiotherapist to get the back pain under control. Good thing there is Pro Motion Healthcare in Barrie that can be contacted at 705-315-0111. Call to relieve back pain today! No one should have to go without real help.

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