Fibromyalgia Acupuncture Treatment

Woes and Foes of Fibromyalgia: Acupuncture as a Treatment

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Finding treatments for fibromyalgia can be tough, especially ones that actually work and acupuncture is a treatment that doesn’t require you to consume any chemicals or pharmacy-pushed pills.

What is Fibromyalgia?

A condition that’s known as “rheumatic”, fibro is an illness that’s also categorized as chronic (meaning long-term). The pain signals sent out by the brain is one of the primary areas of the body affected, other than the actual pain points. Symptoms don’t just range from pain to sluggish-ness, either. In fact, fibromyalgia can come with a wide array of symptoms including fatigue, mood issues, depression, sleeping problems, memory issues, and more.

Those that have this condition, especially more severe chronic forms, find that their symptoms are quite difficult to manage and leading a normal life is rare. Since there is currently no cure, and many don’t want to resort to pain pills, there have been a plethora of studies that look towards methods of exercise, as well as acupuncture and mushroom edibles  for treatment.

At health spas, natural healing is a fantastic way to shy away from getting addicted to pain pills, while indulging in some much-earned relief and healing. It’s important to research a spa before you choose them and have them learn more about your specific symptoms before they can help you.

How Acupuncture Actually Helps Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Acupuncture is a well-known traditional Chinese practice where extremely fine needles are put into the skin at certain trigger points that will relieve pain. This practice dates back thousands of years and aims to bring balance back into the body. When there’s more balance, there is less pain.

The Qi circulation of the body (also known as our energy), is because there isn’t enough circulation of bodily fluids and circulation of blood. When the muscles aren’t receiving the proper nourishment, the body begins to feel pain and fatigued, while limiting the amount of mobility. Individuals who have mobility issues may consider using a gogo scooter to help them become more independent.

There are certain points that trained spa technicians can pinpoint for certain areas of pain. These pinpoints will stimulate those muscles and tissue, while triggering signals in your body and to your brain to increase circulation. While it’s not a cure, it’s a major relief that fibro sufferers are beginning to warm up to.

While there are many cases out there that are being studied and reported on, one therapeutic health spa conducted a study on an older woman who has had pain from fibro since the early 1980’s. She stated that her pain level was a 10/10, and after acupuncture, she stated that her sleeping, stiffness, and overall improvement is up 90%! This was conducted by the Blue Creek Therapeutic Spa, but many facilities are attempting to conduct their own studies for fibro patients and acupuncture.

If you believe your fibromyalgia pain is bad enough to seek pain treatment, you may want to try natural routes first like acupuncture. Set up an appointment with a certified specialist like Pro Motion Healthcare at 705-315-0111

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