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5 natural supplements

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At Pro Motion Healthcare in Barrie we care about your health. Here is the list of 5 natural supplements that you didn’t know about to live a healthy and pain free life.

1.Curcumin: Curcumin is found in turmeric and has many potential benefits such as pain relief and anti- inlflammatory properties. For example 400 – 500mg of curcumin is comparable to 2000 mg of Tylenol.

2.Beberine: Found in plants like Oregon grape, barberry and goldenseal. Known to help with blood sugar control in diabetic patients. It may also lower/reduce blood lipids.

3.Spirulina: Is a blue-green mixture of algae species. Studies show it has an effect on triglyceride level by reducing it about 10-15%.

4.Rhodiola: One of our favorites for fatique, boost in focus and overall well being. Some studies have shown that it reduces fatique by about %20.

5.Betaine: Naturallly accours in many plants like beets, spinach etc. Great for power and strength. So, if you like to lift, throw, jump 2.5 grams of betaine will impove your performance.

Please consult your healthcare professional before taking of the supplements.

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