Cold Vs Heat Packs Pain Relief

Cold vs Heat Packs for Pain Relief

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Have you ever wondered what is better to use for pain management a cold or heat pack? Well, at Pro Motion Healthcare we have an answer for you.

The answer is simple, they both work! Pain and temperature is relayed on the same track to your brain. Therefore, both cold and heat packs would decrease the pain sensation.

However, we recommend you to use a cold pack for acute conditions (within 48-72 hours) to decrease the inflammation. After it is better to use a heat pack to increase blood flow to the area of concern in order to accelerate the healing process.

In addition to heat and cold packs acupuncture is highly recommended for acute and chronic pain management. World Health Organization has listed a series of Orthopaedic disorders for which Acupuncture has proven clinically effective: Back pain, RA, Sciatica, Tennis elbow etc.

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