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Compression Socks: Knowing When Tight is Too Tight

One of the biggest complaints about compression socks is that they are “too tight” to wear – thus leading it to be too uncomfortable to continue wearing. Many people make it so tight, that it’s intolerable. A lot of these claims aren’t really valid, considering the user is forcing themselves to make it too tight, when it doesn’t need to be.

You shouldn’t get confused, though, as compression means that some sort of pressure should be applied; however, just because that’s in the name, that doesn’t mean it should be so tight, you’re uncomfortable. That leads us to the most popular question: how tight should they be? Below, you’ll find answers to this question.

The Natural Design

A pair of compression socks utilize what’s called ‘graduated compression’ in their design. This term means that you should feel the most pressure and tightness towards the ankle, where there is more compression. This pressure should lessen as it moves up the leg, and it shouldn’t be as tight towards the knee as it is at the ankle.

It’s normal for compression socks to feel tighter towards the ankle/foot area and it can be challenging to get the compression hosiery on and off every day.

Being patient is key, as you’ll want to make sure there is gradual compression. When there isn’t, you may suffer and eventually take them off for being too tight everywhere. Never allow the compression-wear to pinch, pull, wrinkle or fold. If you do, you might suffer and have a negative experience.

Never rush to put on your compression hosiery, either, as you may stretch out and ruin the socks over time, or you may find that it’s far more uncomfortable.

Helpful Devices

Did you know that there are devices that help you get compression socks on and off? For those that are elderly or more serious about their compression health, these can come in great handy. Having to take off compression wear every single day can seem daunting, but not when you have the tools to get them on and off a lot easier. If you have limited hand-strength, these tools are a blessing in disguise.

How Tight Should Compression Socks Fit

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this article. We’ll be short, sweet, and to the point. If your compression socks are any of the following, they’re too tight!

  • Your compression socks should never cause pain
  • Compression hosiery shouldn’t pinch any part of the skin
  • If you have skin discoloration or numbness / tingling – they’re too tight!

There are elderly people who suffer from a condition called Senile Purpura. When compression clothing is worn, the small blood vessels in those areas can cause bleeding and break under the skin. Of course, this isn’t a super serious condition, but should always be evaluated by your primary care physician and should never be taken lightly. People that continuously use compression wear, but suffer from a condition like this, can seriously harm themselves.

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