Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Rotator Cuff

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for Rotator Cuff

What Is Rotator Cuff Tendonitis?

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Rotator cuff tendonitis is a condition in which your experience pain in the upper areas of your arm, the tip of your shoulder, and your whole

shoulder. Generally when a person engages in actions like reaching or lifting, the pain increases. Any activity that involves the shoulder can result in weakness and pain on those who suffer from rotator cuff tendonitis.

How Can Massage Therapy Help?

Deep tissue massage is one of the most well known and effective methods used in healthcare to increase the flow of blood to areas that have been injured. This increases the oxygen in the area, which in turn will help the injury to heal faster. In many cases, it can also reduce the formation of scar tissue to increase mobility to the affected area.

Massage therapy provides local stimulation for soft tissue injuries and is also increases the production of the hormones in your body that regulate stress. This can reduce pain in many patients, but in the cases where there is swelling of the joints, massage therapy should be avoided to prevent aggravating the injury.

Using Massage for a Rotator Cuff Injury

In the beginning stages of an injury to the rotator cuff, very light massage should be used. Once the swelling has reduced and the pain has been managed, deep tissue therapy can be employed. Using light massage at the start of the injury will help keep scar tissue from forming, which will ensure that your rotator cuff can return to normal function as soon as possible. When paired with ice therapy, the benefits are twofold.

Tips on Rotator Cuff Massage

There are several methods we use to treat your injury, some of which you may do yourself at home. A couple of effective massage methods are listed below, but we are happy to speak with you when you call our office to give you advice on other options.

  • Take a small medicine ball, or soft tennis ball and lay on your back. Place the ball under the pressure point on your shoulder. Gently roll your body slightly back and forth to disperse pressure along the joint.
  • Make sure to stretch your body forward and laterally to improve the circulation to your joints when engaging in deep tissue massage.
  • Using aromatic oils and coconut oils during massage will help with joint flexibility and give added relief.

How Deep Friction Massage Can Help

Friction massage by Pro Motion Healthcare can be helpful as long as it’s possible to reach the area that’s affected. We use gentle rubbing motions on the tendon that is inflamed keeping in mind that the area will be extremely tender. Our technique uses strokes that run perpendicular to the fibers of the tendon while applying moderate pressure with the fingertips. This is continued in cycles of 2 minutes until all the sensitivity and tenderness has been removed from the affected area. This will help ease the symptoms of rotator cuff tendonitis.

Seek Help

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