Electroacupuncture Treatment Pain Injuries

Electroacupuncture For Treatment of Pain & Injuries

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Did you know that an acupuncturist works with musculoskeletal pain? They have experience and the tools that it takes to help aid the process of healing that your body is so eager to begin. Electroacupuncture is one way that the healing process can begin. It certainly does sound like a very scary treatment, but you can rest assured that it is meant for healing, not pain. Did you know that electroacupuncture is not at all painful and it can actually help you hear a lot quicker? For many people who have run in marathons, this method has worked.

There have been many cases where someone who has had a sports injury goes in for this treatment and gets better fast! Who would not want to use something that actually works? Pain can be decreased greatly along with any swelling that may occur. The sooner you visit an office for this treatment the better the outcome of a quick healing. However, it is important to note that it is important to care for yourself during this time to ensure that your body is getting all the help it needs to fully recover.

Electroacupuncture – What Is It?

Electroacupuncture gets the body somewhat of a jump start – you can think of it as a boost or stimulating boost. For starters, needles are placed in various parts of the body and then they are carefully selected to have wires attached to them. The wires can somewhat look like cables that are used to jump a car. They have little clips, which are attached to chosen needles. The points will all be set in place, and then an electrical current will be running through them to target the area of concern.

This treatment has been used greatly with athletes and has been used with special doctors for many years. This treatment can help not only with sports injuries, but also with neurological disorders, skin issues, and even nausea.

How Does This Help Injuries?

The electrical current that runs through will be steady and even. This current reduces swelling and can greatly relieve pain due to an injury. Blood flow can be increased which will help aid the body in healing. Studies show that electroacupuncture has had better effects than many medications. It can help with a lumbar strain or even osteoarthritis.

What Does It Feel Like?

There is no pain associated with this procedure but there may be a mild tingle or even a tapping feeling that occurs. If any numbness or discomfort occurs then the intensity of the procedure can be turned down in a quick moment.

There are some risks involved especially with people who have had a risk for seizures, stroke, or heart disease.

How Do You Get It?

You can set up a complimentary consultation with acupuncturist in Barrie by contacting Pro Motion Healthcare in Barrie for this procedure at 705-315-0111. Booking an appointment is simple and fast. Do not continue to live in pain without better treatment.

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