Orthotics Help Low Back Pain

Help Low Back Pain with Orthotics

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Finding a treatment for back pain can be difficult for a lot of people but with the right combination, you can find relief. There are treatments that can effectively relieve pain in the lower back, but it will take some steps to find the best treatment specifically for each individual.

A lot of treatments for pain in the lower back do not always come out as planned and that can be very frustrating. There are treatments that do work though and not all of them include surgery.

Did you know that foot orthotics can greatly help with pain that is located in the lower back? Orthotic shoes can help realign the way that your feet stand on the ground and in turn, this can affect the entire posture of the body which will help ease back pain.

How Foot Orthotics Can Help

There is a process that occurs when foot orthotics are put to work. You can think of someone that has normal foot arches and draw a line from the foot to the tibia.This line should align with the biggest toe and second toe. Sometimes when that invisible line is drawn the person will have a flat foot or a foot that has really high foot arches, which can cause the foot to turn in. This will make that line go past the inside of the big toe. When an ankle rolls in it is called pronation.

People who have pronated ankles or feet will have most of their weight on the inside of their foot and this can cause a ton of medical issues.

People who have an issue with their feet or ankles turning in will often have a condition that is called knock-knees, and this is where the placement of the knees shifts, causing the thigh bone to meet the pelvis bone. When this happens, the patient will have poor hip posture that makes the spine unsteady. As you can see, the problem starts at the feet and then continues to rise up from there. This causes problems with proper alignment, which can result in pain in the lower back as well as other areas.

The good news is that foot orthotics can help align the back of the foot. This can help stop the process of foot pronation, which can stop other problems before they begin.

Better Your Feet to Stop the Process of Pain

There is a lot that custom foot orthotics can do to prevent the process that occurs in poor posture and foot alignment. When the feet are properly aligned the gait will be improved dramatically. When this happens, it is called the Kinetic Chain. The start of this kinetic chain is the feet, and then every joint above that is what connects this chain that leads all the way up to the neck.

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