Maternity Compression Hosiery

Maternity Compression Hosiery: Pesky Varicose Veins

While you don’t have to be pregnant to deal with varicose veins, they often begin during this time. A varicose vein is when your veins are filled with blood – more than they can handle and become “dilated”. A physical identifier of this condition is when there are swollen veins in your skin that are a purple or blue colour. Sometimes, they are red, and they are typically close to the surface. Of course, there are genetic factors and condition-based factors that can put you on the radar for varicose veins.

If you sit or stand all day, and over an extended period of time, then your blood becomes harder to travel upwards as the gravity is continuously trying to push it down. When this happens, you run the risk of getting varicose veins in your leg area – and even your ankles. Those that work at a desk all day should consider exercising a little bit a day to prevent this blood and vein issue. Try using an under-the-desk peddle system to help combat this.

Those who want to prevent it or do suffer from it should look into compression hosiery, as you can keep your valves in the right place. You can stabilize before the varicose vein occurs and allow your veins and blood to be in the proper position despite how you sit all day. There are obviously different types of compression, and you should see a doctor beforehand, but the four are:

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Firm
  • Extra firm

Suffer from obesity? Then it might not matter what job you have, as your body can see a much higher pressure inside the veins because of weight. In fact, this factor is one of the primary aggravators of a varicose vein. If you have a healthy diet and exercise, you not only combat obesity, but other conditions that may inevitably come along with it. Of course, not every obese person has this, and if you’re someone that has it run in your family on top of weight issues, you may want to look into your options before it occurs.

For better blood circulation, physical activities like yoga can help stretch those legs, muscles, and keep your blood and valves in the right place – no matter your weight. Unfortunately, those that are pregnant may be some of the first victims of varicose veins due to the added swelling and the fact that you have another human growing inside of you, in a lot of cases women end of seeking treatment for vericose veins after a few months.

Compression hosiery is totally safe for maternity wear – as long as you speak to someone who is skilled on the subject! Whether it’s someone your primary care physician referred you to, or a clinic like Pro Motion Healthcare, you can contact someone to help you out instantly.


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