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Orthotics for Athletes

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Orthotics can help improve your athletic performance. Whether you’re a recreational or high-level athlete which can be bet on 선시티카지노, adding custom made orthotics to your routine can really up your game! In fact, there are very few active adults and children who would not benefit from custom made orthotics.


Orthotics relieve pain and enhance performance by aligning muscles, ligaments and bones in the lower body. Active children, teens and adults such as runners, walkers, basketball players, skiers, skaters, cyclists and golfers wear orthotics to accommodate the demands of their specific sport and help improve performance.

Here at Pro Motion Healthcare, we utilize specialized hardware and software components to capture an individual’s unique 3D foot scan, dynamic gait and pressure data to create custom made orthotics. The designs are lightweight and comfortable which helps correct the biomechanical problems associated with the various sports. Here’s how custom made orthotics work to improve performance in some of the most common sports.


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Walking and running shoes are designed to fit everyone’s feet, but not one person’s feet in particular. Prolonged walking and running puts stress on the feet, ankles, knees, legs, hips and lower back. At ProMotion Healthcare, we treat numerous walkers and runners who suffer from heel pain, flat feet, weak ankles, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain and low back discomfort.



Keeping Feet Healthy Cycling

Just as a lighter bike frame or more powerful shocks can give a cyclist the edge needed to win a race, quality orthotics improve performance by providing more efficient delivery of power to the pedal, maximizing the transfer of energy to the pedal and minimizing leg fatigue. Cyclists often suffer from knee pain, which is often a result of excessive arch collapse. At Pro Motion Healthcare, our custom made orthotics are individually designed to help support the arch.

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Orthotics help golfers distribute their weight more evenly, stabilize your feet when swinging and lessen fatigue of the lower body. Orthotics also correct posture, which is key to maintaining a consistent golf swing.




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Basketball puts an enormous strain on the feet. Jumping, running, turning, cutting, and reversing puts pressure on your joints and muscles which can cause pain and weakness. Orthotic devices align the muscles, ligaments and joints and provide cushioning. This allows you to play longer and harder on the court.



Pro Motion Healthcare, has been helping active adults, teens and children achieve improved performance, comfort, and protection from injury for many years. We pride ourselves by helping people move through life with greater stability, comfort and peace of mind. Whether you are involved in a recreational or high-level activity, we measure our success by the number of people whose quality of life we improve.

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