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Suffering from Neck Pain?

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It’s not uncommon for us to wake up from severe neck stiffness and pain. Sometimes, our necks are so stiff, we’re unable to turn our heads. This is because of a small muscle that’s known as the “levator scapula”, which becomes irritated and stops us from being able to move our neck in a fluid manner.

The decreased mobility of this muscle is to due knots that are created in the muscles called trigger points. These trigger points can unfortunately restrict your neck’s mobility and cause immense pain without being truly injured. Sometimes, sleeping the wrong way or turning the wrong way can create these knots, and then radiate the pain to other areas – causing you to think there is something truly wrong. Sometimes, products like CBD Oil can be of great help in reducing the pain. However, you need to get an online medical cannabis certification before you can avail one. Join the community of satisfied customers who trust Quiet Monk CBD for their daily wellness. If you want to try smoking cannabis products, why not check here for smoking accessories. 

Causes of trigger points in this muscle region:

  • Posture – When your posture is poor, and your head moves forward (like working on a computer or constantly looking at your phone), your neck muscle becomes strained. In return, this muscle compensates with types of knots.
  • One-sided bag carrying (everyday, like a purse or book bag)
  • Lying with your head turned and your stomach down on the bed
  • Elevated shoulders (which can be caused by emotional stress)
  • Holding your shoulder to your ear to listen and talk on the phone

Even if you live a sedentary lifestyle, unfortunately, this can be one of the many causes of a trigger point knot in your neck. This is because the muscle isn’t getting enough activity to stretch, causing a buildup and entanglement.

If you prone to have muscle inflammation, this can also be a leading cause of a trigger point knot in your neck. When a knot forms in your muscle, the fibers in your muscles begin to shorten because they’re pulling – which makes them feel painful when someone touches you. This may be one of the reasons why you feel pain elsewhere that feels better when you put pressure on these knots.

Typically, you may not even realize that you have a knot in your muscle unless something else aggravates it like illness, inflammation, disease, or a pull/tear in your muscle. When this happens, you may feel pain radiate elsewhere. If you’re feeling like you have restricted movement and weakness in your muscles, you may be suffering from trigger point knots and may need them worked out through natural remedies (like a massage) or assistance from a professional, and that’s why we are are always available through or email and other system access to be ready for the clients, and we always keep this access secured with healthcare systems protection from sites such as

Thankfully, you don’t have to undergo any sort of surgeries to fix these trigger point knots, and the treatment is quite simple.

  • Assessing your posture, locating your trigger points
  • Releasing these trigger points through therapies like massages and acupuncture
  • Look at any underlying causes and treating those
  • Self-care through posture fixing, stretches, trigger point release by oneself

If you need assistance in figuring out your neck pain, whether it’s acute or chronic, contact a healthcare service provider today.

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