Massage Therapy Aging Heart

Massage Therapy for an Aging Heart

It doesn’t matter if you’re the healthiest person on Earth – you’re going to age, and sometimes it happens faster than we would like it.  As years go by, your circulatory system becomes quite vulnerable, despite all that you may think you do to keep it healthy. In fact, those that are between ages 60-79 have already developed a cardiovascular problem or treatable condition. When this happens, the blood, brain, arteries, and heart have a higher target on them.

There are a few risk factors like smoking, diabetes, underweight bodies and overweight bodies, sedentary and inactive lifestyles, and many more, that contribute to a vulnerable system. Having access to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), such as the one available at, can prove to be immensely valuable in times of emergency. If you want to learn practical and actionable knowledge in the event of an emergency, then click here.

The Aging of Our Hearts

As we mentioned, no matter what you may have done growing up or getting older, our heart muscles naturally deteriorate as we grow older. The walls of our hearts that surround the arteries become thickened, which directly causes the chambers to become more enlarged than they’ve ever been. When this happens, this means that the muscle becomes constricted, and not enough blood flow can occur. This means that poor circulation is just one of the many problems that our heart has to compensate for, as it becomes harder to pump blood throughout the body.

“But what if I’m completely healthy? Is this harmful?” Even if you’re in perfect condition, this could mean that your body may suffer from high blood pressure and said circulation problems – which should still be naturally treated through self-care and therapies.

An important heart disease to know about is cardiomyopathy – one of the heart muscle diseases that is the most common in those over 55. Sometimes, this cardiovascular condition is brought on by stress, and it’s known as the infamous “broken heart syndrome”. Of course, there are many versions of this disease, and many causes, so it’s important to stay on top of your game.

Massage Aids in Building a Strong Cardiovascular System

For the elderly, a strong heart is incredible important, and massage is one of the best (and most natural) ways to help build a strong heart. The stimulation of the muscles and skin help with circulation and providing blood back up to your heart. Not only this, but it also helps reduce depression, anxiety, trigger point knots, and even pain.

Geriatric Massage and Healthy Aging

Massage is more than just a luxury to the elderly; in fact, there are even programs set up by hospitals and clinics to provide full 30-45-minute massage sessions to encourage a more peaceful and pain-free body, while strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Naturally and healthily aging is one of the best ways to make the elderly years more bearable, peaceful, and pain-free, while living your life to the best it can be. If you’re in need of geriatric massage, or know someone who is, contact Pro Motion Healthcare at 705-315-0111 today. Don’t just be content with life – be comfortable with life.

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