Compression Stockings Myths

Debunking the Myths About Medical Compression Stockings

When it comes to swelling and pain, compression support stockings are often a chosen method of swelling and pain relief. There are quite a few myths that need to debunk about compression socks, to ease the minds of those that want to try them and to assert those who have been right all along.

Myth #1 Compression Socks Are Dangerous

It’s no secret that utilizing any medical product wrong can be harmful to your body, but when used properly, compression socks supports are not dangerous or harmful to a person. It’s important that your primary care physician is involved with your choice to use compression socks, as you’ll learn how much you need them and how to use them. If you’re someone that already has poor blood circulation, for example diabetes, you might want to try special diabetic socks and consult your family doctor.

 Myth #2 Summer is an Unnecessary Season for Compression Socks

Your leg issues like swelling, varicose and spider veins don’t discriminate with the seasons. When it comes to warmer weather, it’s widely known in the world of medicine that you have a higher change of damaging your leg’s veins, as well as weakening them – meaning that compression socks can (and should be) used in the summer. Giving your veins enough support to thrive is essential to living comfortably.

Myth #3 They are Too Hot for the Summer Months

Now that we’ve gotten the necessary aspect of compression socks stockings in the summer out of the way, it’s important to know that just because it’s an extra piece of fabric, that doesn’t mean they’re too hot for the summer months. Compression hosiery is meant to be sheer and breathable, allowing your legs to feel cooler, rather than hot. There is a wide variety that has been created for better living during these hotter days. At Pro Motion Healthcare we offer hundreds of styles that would be a good fit in any weather.

 Myth #4 Only “Sick” People Wear the Socks

This couldn’t be further from the truth – compression support socks are meant for anyone with even the slightest issue in their legs. If you’re someone that suffers from leg pain, spider veins, tired and achy legs, compression socks may help support you in your work life or recreational activities. You don’t have to suffer from varicose veins, diabetes or any other issues to make use of compression hosiery.

Myth #5 Compression Stockings Cut Off Blood Circulation

We’ve all heard it a million times before: “compression socks cut off your circulation!” and once again, if you use them properly, they will not cut off your circulation. When you have them sized properly to your body, as well as worn properly, you will not cut off your circulation. Any compression sock that is bunched up or rolled up, as well as improperly sized, can damage your blood flow when in prolong use. A roll-on adhesive may stop them from rolling down!

 Myth # 6 Compression Socks Aren’t Attractive!

We all know what the original compression socks look like: they’re scratchy, they’re ugly, and they aren’t that comfortable. Thankfully, they have recently been a part of a revolution where their fashion has been reborn. There are a ton of manufacturers with compression socks that are aesthetically pleasing for those that want to show a bit of leg! At Pro Motion Healthcare we excel at providing you with largest selection of fashion and sport compression socks in Barrie.

 Myth # 7 They are Too Hard to Use

Now, if you’ve used compression support hose in your earlier years, you may find that the old ones were very hard to take off and they’re even hard to pull up. Like their aesthetics, their functional design has received a generous overhaul, allowing them to be much easier to use than older counterparts. By utilizing new technology and material like microfiber we can assure in comfort and functionality.

 Myth # 8 They Can Eliminate Pesky Varicose Veins

Unfortunately, compression socks cannot eliminate varicose veins that already exist; however, they can slow down the process of other varicose veins forming. Furthermore, by providing compression to the legs it pulls the blood up the legs and prevents stasis and therefore varicose veins and blood clots. Your skin will also see a healthy increase when using compression socks, as well, snice it will reduce edema and improve circulation as a whole.

 Myth # 9 Compression Products Help Remove Cellulite

Don’t you wish cellulite was so easy to remove, all you had to do was put on a pair of compression socks? Unfortunately, compression hosiery doesn’t help remove cellulite in the slightest, and it’s merely a type of marketing ploy from scam compression hosiery companies. When you exercise, eat right, train and tone those areas, you can remove that cottage cheese appearance – but not with any form of compression clothing.

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