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Reduce Your Back Pain with Acupuncture and Orthotic Inserts

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A recent study was conducted that stated lower back pain can be improved with the acupuncture, along with corrective orthopedic footwear. More than 40% of patients in this study reported that the usage of acupuncture and shoe insert drastically reduced their back pain, and more than 32% had increased function when the study was over.

It’s unfortunate that more than 80% of people have or will suffer from back issues at least once in their life. Because the back is imperative in functionality, movement, and working, it’s one of the leading causes of people on disability. Some of the only treatments offered to those that can’t seek treatment elsewhere is medication, which is putting addiction on the rise. People with disabilities may consider getting the services of a social security disability lawyer or a social security attorney for legal assistance in filing disability claims.

Because of addiction and scary pills, more people are trying to seek alternative routes now more than ever. Custom Made Orthotic are one of the very simple and inexpensive ways you can support your foundation: your back. You’re able to be supported with ease and without a brace when you’re standing, and your feet can be protected. In return, your feet can ensure your bone, tissues, and overall spine performance is much better than without.

The aforementioned study that we mentioned was conducted over 4 months with 225 patients. These patients all had one thing in common: they had symptomatic low back pain that has lasted for at least 3 months. The conclusion of this study stated that those who wore these orthotic inserts for 6 weeks ended up having their lower back pain improved significantly, as well as their dysfunction in comparison to no treatment.

Furthermore, this proved that orthotics and acupuncture for those with lower back pain to be better than simply medicating with pills.  The shoe inserts are extremely powerful in providing support and improved function to those who wear, and there is evidence proving that the connection between the foot and spine is imperative and keeping these connective areas safe is truly important to your back. With a rising opioid crisis, is extremely important to seek alternative routes and not to get intertwined with pill pushers that have no interest in returning you back to your former glory.

If you or someone you know if suffering from chronic lower back pain, or consistent lower back pain, contact Pro Motion Healthcare at 705-315-0111 today. Even if your pain is dull, as long as it’s consistent, there’s something that can be worked upon.

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