Back And Leg Pain Orthotics Treatment

Suffering from Back or Leg Pain? You May Need Orthotics

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Most people suffer from lower back pain at least once in their life, and many of them continue to suffer from chronic lower back pain. If you are suffering from lower back pain, it is highly recommended that you visit an expert in chiropractic treatments. If you’re looking for the best chiropractor, you can hire a chiropractic staff member through Chiro Match Makers. Having this type of pain can sometimes be worrisome and can be caused by a number of things. You may be someone who has tried almost everything but still in pain. If you haven’t tried using custom orthotic inserts in your shoes, you should seriously consider doing so.

A misalignment in your back can further encourage pain in your back, which may end up causing aches and pain all the way down to your ankles and feet in general. When you have orthotic insoles, your misalignment issues can be corrected over time, reducing the amount of pressure in that area. When the pressure is reduced, the pain and inflammation will follow suit. Of course, there are other conditions that orthotic inserts can help relieve, too.

The Position of Your Feet and Back Pain

Are you someone who suffers from “rolled in” feet, or you place your weight on the outer edges of your feet almost consistently? When this happens, your body has to compensate for the new positioning that it feels. Typically, the average person’s body is centrally weighted and focused, so there isn’t anything to compensate for, but when the feet introduce a new and consistent position, this is where those painful conditions come in.

When this occurs, your ankles become displaced and the pressure starts to make its way to the knees. It doesn’t just stop there, though, as knee pressure can cause hip displacement and unsteadiness. Because of this ripple effect, more pressure is exerted onto the spine and cause it to become weakened and destabilised.

The Types of Foot Problems that Can Cause Lower Back Issues

As you can imagine, there are a number of issues that can lead to back pain, including plantar fasciitis, nerve pain, supination or pronation, bunions, misaligned balance/feet, and more. While these can cause a great deal of pain in the feet, leg, and knee area, they also make your lower back more susceptible to pain. Each and every one of these conditions can also lead to imbalance in the body, leading to even more pain. With the use of orthotics, gait can be corrected with ease.

What exactly do Orthotics Do?

An orthotic is a type of custom shoe insert that is designed primarily for those that suffer from the aforementioned. Whether you have an issue with walking and the way your foot falls, or issues with your gait, the use of orthotics can correct these painful issues without surgery. A normal shoe sole provides a flat experience in the shoe, while orthotic insoles provide a type of raised area (in various sections that help correct the compensation that your body has learned).

Because of this support, your feet begin to correct themselves, straightening your body out. Some people even find that their pain relief is virtually instant! If you’d like to get set up with orthotics to relieve your own pain, contact Pro Motion Healthcare at 705-315-0111 today.

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